A Guide to Human Rights Education

Are you thinking about doing some human rights education with others? Or do you want to have a grounding knowledge in human rights to be able to chat – or argue- with friends and colleagues. Here is a human rights guide in a nutshell, contributed by Stephanie Hanlon


Human Rights Education

What is it about them Travellers? by Stephen Todd

"Pie ball", "Pikey", "Knacker", "Gypo". A beautiful collection of words aren't they? Words that carry connotations now well beyond what they used to mean in general Irish society. They've become ingrained in our vocabulary over the past few years by way of describing a certain cohort of society, not dissimilar to the intentions of words such as "faggot" or "dyke". All of the above are words used, intentionally or otherwise, to demean or belittle a person.

Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words have left emotional scars by Rebelle

While our strongest message has been to stand up to hate speech that you see, especially as a bystander, and also to report hate speech there is also the issue of looking at how people build and have resilience when they are the target of hate speech. This blog is a personal story of finding the resilience to survive hate speech.

An opinion piece on the Marriage Referendum and Free Speech by Stephen Todd

Recently, both globally and across Europe, the concept of free speech seems to be a hot topic. I understand that a person has a right to free speech, but they do not have the right not to be challenged on this when it is deemed to be oppressive or discriminatory in nature. This has in turn given me food for thought, when does free speech become hate speech? And is the regulation of this type of speech an infringement upon our human rights?

Islamophobia and Religious Intolerance Day 2014

A blog by Ryma, an Irish Muslim secondary school student - who likes photography, art and being active in the community

Islamophobia. A now popular term that only came to use in the 2000s, and may have been applied retrospectively to earlier incidents.

Islamophobia. Along many other phobias around the world that stops one from fully having their human rights.

Islamophobia. A hatred, fear or prejudice towards Islam and Muslims, especially as a political force.


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