Youth Ambassadors Tackling Hate Speech

Ambassadors: the Heart of the No Hate Speech Movement

Coordinator of Youth Ambassador team: Aiste Slajute

Youth Ambassadors are the heart and the power source of the No Hate Speech Movement. Whether acting on the European stage or at national, regional or local level, they communicate the campaign's message far and wide. Among the online community of Ambassadors are those who run our facebook page, our twitter feeds, who write blog posts and counter hate speech they see in online spaces – all on a voluntary basis. The No Hate Speech Movement would be nowhere without the dedicated hard work of all our volunteer activists. You are inspiring, thank you.

Youth Ambassadors have developed some amazing videos - some of which you can see on other pages of this website

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Create your own video about tackling hate speech - like this great one from Rosalyn

Write or talk about what hate speech means to you. You can describe the effects of hate speech; or your experience of fighting or countering it online. It can be one sentence or several paragraphs, 30 secs or 2 minutes. We will feature it on our website and through social media. Send it to

Highlight the Movement at your events and festivals - ask us about getting materials to help you publicise it

Other ways to  get involved:

Make a video or poster. We will share it.

This is the video by YMCA in Schull which won the Show Racism the Red Card competition:

St Andrews resource Centre Flash Mob event fighting hate speech:

Watch and share this cool video made at our youth activist event:

Watch this video that was made to fight anti-semitism and religious intolerance


Help us fight hate speech by spreading our message.

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Testimony from two of our Youth Ambassadors

No hate speech workshop in Lithuania, October 2016.

Myself (Emmanuel) and Happymore, were attending a youth exchange in theVilnius region in Lithuania. The exchange was about surviving in nature. It gathered together a group of 30 young people from 5 different EU countries (Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy and Estonia). The diversity inspired us to talk a little bit about the no hate speech movement, luckily I had some no hate speech stickers and the bookmarks in my bag. A lot of interest was shown and so the coordinator of the project decided to allocate a time slot of about an hour for to present the movement and show whatever materials and resources we have.

So we decided speak a little about the history of the movement, its aims and how it is run. Then we run one of the activities from the bookmarks, titled confronting cyber bullying, we felt it was the most appropriate. Because the group had already developed a deep level of connection among each other during the week were there, we were able to hear people’s honest opinions and personal stories in regards to hate speech online. I must admit it was one of the most powerful no hate speech workshop I have ever run, Happymore and I worked very well together, we both felt as real hate fighters when we heard the feedbacks from the group. It turned out that we actually had a lot of victims of bullying and hate speech online within the group who got emotional and told us their stories. Others said they “have never thought about it that way” a lot of people asked how they could join or help, we received at least 20 new signatures on the partition on the main website in bid to make 22nd of July European day for victims of hate speech. The best thing I heard from the workshop came from a young Lithuanian man who said he “was always on the other side of the story, has always been the guy who posts these kind of stuff and never realised what it causes to others” and he thanked us for workshop. The next day, we had some free hours to roam around the streets of Vilnius, we brought some stickers with us and continued spreading the message in the city, we engaged with so many different types of people who greeted us with smiles and curiosity. We even taught a group of primary school kids who came on a school tour to the city some chants and gave them stickers, their teachers were so happy with our engagement.

This kind of positive feedbacks is what Happymore and I both agree that keeps us going on with this campaign, we may not be stopping tanks from manoeuvring, replacing bombs with colour powder or dumping guns into volcanos at least we know we are replacing hate, the generator of all that with something the produces peace, one, two or three people at a time. It has been said many times that hate will only grow as big as we let it grow, so why stand aside and watch when we all know very well that it’s about time we cut down the tree of hate, it’s about time we appreciate our difference and see each other as fellow humans. As Bob Marley put until “the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, war!” I have to say, my eyes are tired from seeing the atrocities of war, I want to give me eyes the chance to see peace and its attributes.

Emmanuel Tacima

We are always keen for volunteers to join our magnificant team of Youth Ambassadors

This project stands for equality, dignity, human rights and diversity. We are against hate speech and discrimination online. We are keen to raise awareness of human rights and of hate speech. It is a project for action and intervention and we seek creative solutions. Young people who become Youth Ambassadors will become equipped with the skills to recognise and act against such human rights violations.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide regional support to the work being carried out by the Irish No Hate Speech Movement;
  • Promote the work of the Movement and its human rights agenda on campus, in schools and youth organisations via workshops and meetings;
  • Address individual incidents of online hate speech by calling it out as hate speech and speaking against it;
  • Play a role on our social media platforms to build awareness of the campaign and to develop counter narratives (tell alternative and positive stories to counteract hateful ones)

What you can expect to gain from being involved

You will get to know and work with other like-minded campaigners.

Your creative skills will be given an opportunity to shine.

If you have any queries you can contact Anne on or 01 4784122

The National Youth Council of Ireland is the coordinator of the campaign in Ireland

Would your group benefit from hearing more about hate speech and how to tackle it?

Would your youth group like to hear about the No Hate Speech Movement? A group of Youth Ambassadors are ready to give presentations to a number of youth groups around the country. They can explain the dangers of online hate speech and how to prevent and combat it. Together you can share different ways to get involved through creative group  activities. If you are interested please email or phone 01 4784122 with expressions of interest or queries. We would ask groups to cover the Youth Ambassadors costs such as travel and any out of pocket expenses.