Hate speech – how to react

Hate speech, as defined by the Council of Europe, covers all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify racial hatred, xenophobia, anti-Semitism or other forms of hatred based on intolerance, including: intolerance expressed by aggressive nationalism and ethnocentrism, discrimination and hostility against minorities, migrants and people of immigrant origin.

How to react

  1. Just because you support the campaign it doesn’t mean you have to put yourself out there. Just sharing our content helps to raise our profile and awareness of the campaign – so get ‘liking’.
  2. If you feel uncomfortable standing up for human rights in a public way, or if you’ve ever been a victim or target yourself, then don’t worry – we’re standing in solidarity with you.
  3. Attend one of our events and you’ll soon be able to set up your own learning activities – this is the ultimate goal so we can spread the message.
  4. Report hate speech to us and post it on the European NHSM network - they operate the No Hate Speech Watch. Racism can be reported also to ENAR’s iReport.
  5. Also visit our social media  to check out how others have reported and raised awareness of the issue.
  6. If you see hate online, and especially if it’s directed at you, don’t take it personally. Report it, disbelieve it and move on – there is no room in life for hate!
  7. Write for us – We’re always looking for content and personal stories of triumph over hate so send us your stories and we’ll publish online.

Important: Hate is a hard topic to write about and one that is very difficult to overcome. Use the campaign in whatever way you want; send in stories, share our stories and simply read our stuff. You don’t need to suffer in silence. The NGOs involved in our campaign are experts in raising awareness positively so don’t feel alone - feel empowered to change.