Is Sexism My Problem? by Demilade Adeniran

What is sexism? The dictionary defines sexism as " prejudice, stereotyping or discrimination on the basis of gender". No, sexism is not just believing women are better than men or men are better than women. It goes much deeper than that and believe me or not, it is your problem.

You may not believe sexism exists anymore.You may think women have equal status with men, that sexism is something of the past. Let me tell you a secret, it isn't, it's something alive and well, it's just harder to see. Now sexism is so subtle, its evidenced in small things like more funding being put into men's sports; calling girls sluts for having sexual relations but seeing boys as heroes; being more offended by a woman not wanting kids than a man; I could go on and on and on.

Equality doesn't exist yet. I think that is massive. Women make less than men for doing the same work;  men are often looked at strangely for showing emotion; young men and women are put under impossible body standards.

In the past, during the Civil Rights Movement in America, people didn't understand that the way they saw coloured people was wrong as it was conditioned into them so deep that they didn't realise they were doing it. I strongly believe this is what is happening in regards to sexism today.

We as young people need to acknowledge sexism is our problem, something that will affect our career possibilities, our households and our future and to do our part to stop it.

I hope I've opened your mind a little bit more.